• App Pricing For Businesses

  • All-In-One Mobile Solution

  • We are proud to make mobile apps affordable to local businesses.

    • After attracting customers, budget and bottom line are the factors that determine your business' destiny. As fellow business owners, we know exactly where you stand. 

      For this reason, our pricing has been formulated over time and experience, to offer you the most affordable & flexible way to get your business into the 21st century, whether you are captain of industry or a brand-new startup.

    • Every business is unique, and we do our best to work with every client's budget and needs. App Design Universe knows that if your business succeeds, we all succeed. 

      We take pride in doing our best to help your business grow, as part of your team. Your mobile app is custom designed to meet your business' unique requirements, and our payment plans can be tailored to fit your budget.

  • Complete Mobile Solution For Your Business

    The mobile app pricing is divided into two segments:

    1. Development + 2. Maintenance

    • 1. Development:

      Every project is different, and Development prices can vary. 

      This one-time setup fee is divided into 2 easy payments;

      50% deposit to start your project:

       Data & Artwork Compilation

       Branding Conformity

       Design Approval

       Feature Development & Optimization

      50% at completion:

       App Published

       Available in the App Stores

       App Fully Functional

       100% Satisfaction

      Our most affordable Mobile App Package starts as low as $2,750

      (Receive a 20% discount, when you present our “Local Brochure").

    • 2. Maintenance:

      Maintenance is required for all apps. This monthly fee enables your company’s app to stay up to date and relevant in the mobile market place.

      You have our commitment to continuously provide the most cutting edge features that can be applied to your finished mobile application at anytime. 

      If you have ever used an app that didn’t work, then you know why this is so important.

      Every time there is a new OS (Operating System) update, there is a very good chance that the mobile app’s code will need to be updated to avoid any errors or glitches.

      The Monthly Maintenance fee is $98 / month.

      (Receive a 20% discount, when you pay 1 year upfront).

  • What You Get:

    • A stunning mobile app that rocks on iPhones, iPads, and all Android smartphones and tablets.

    • Custom graphics tailored specifically to your company’s brand.

    • Dynamic content and multimedia.

    • 3rd Party API integrations.

    • The option to make changes to various content & functions of the app, e.g. business info, images, events, and much more.

    • Two Hours Client Training.

    • Powerful Analytics and Statistics that are easy to read, so you know exactly how many people are using your app and where in the world it is being downloaded. You will also know which features of your app are most frequently being visited or used.

    • Unlimited direct messages (Push Notifications) to your clients. (While other services limit the number of messages you can send, we do not.)

    • Unlimited revenue features, like loyalty card, QR coupons, push notes, geo-fencing, easy ordering, shopping cart, bookings, etc.

    • App store hosting (both Google Play and Apple Store).

    • Flawless functionality, 99% uptime.

    • Unlimited software updates.

    • Secure data storage.

    • App store optimization before publishing your app.

    • Proven mobile marketing strategies. Our team of expert mobile marketers will work with you to generate increased sales and provide you with proven marketing techniques that get you noticed and increase your reach.

    • Your app’s custom QR codes for the different mobile platforms.

    • Digital image that you can post on your website and social media pages to promote your app.

    • 24/7 access to your app’s dashboard, where you can make real time updates.

    • Customer service from 9am - 6pm Monday through Friday.

    • Up to 1 hour of complimentary changes per month by our team of experts. (Content Management service is available for an additional monthly fee.)

    • Access to millions and millions of mobile consumers.

    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

    • *Optional Content Management:

      We understand you may not have the time to invest in managing and promoting your mobile app.

      We have the solution for you. 

      This optional service is available for an additional monthly fee. 

      Our team of expert mobile marketers will apply proven marketing strategies and help you generate increased sales. 

      The optional Monthly Content Management fee starts at $259 / month.

    • Content Management service includes:

       Up to 3 push notifications / week

       Monthly analytics

       Up to 4 QR coupons / month

       Unlimited loyalty cards

       Monthly Twitter & Facebook banner design

      Additional charges may apply, depending on the number of revisions and updates required.

  • We thank you for your interest in App Design Universe, and look forward to helping your business grow with the future path of technology. 

    Feel free to contact us for a free quote for your project. Simply fill out our contact form, and we will get in touch with you at the earliest opportunity.

    • Why Choose Us?

    • We are passionate about building mobile apps with intuitive design and functionality. We work with you to understand your business, your identity and your audience. All of our services are personally tailored for you and your business. Our commitment is to establish a lasting impression by application development, web design, branding and marketing. We believe in building a long-term personal relationship with each client. We provide complete mobile solutions for your business growth.
    • Increase Your Revenue!

    • Let us put your business in your customers' pockets. Reach global audience, increase customer loyalty, engage your customers, generate more revenue & more clients! Our mobile apps relate directly to your audience and help you grow your business online. Your app is a major part of your business, allowing customers to access your products and services anytime, anywhere. Your customers will love your mobile app. We do everything for you, you can sit back and reap the rewards.
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